Ice skating rink regulation

Who can skate?

Anyone with ice skates – owned or rented 🙂 Access for children under 14 is allowed only with parental permission. Access for children under 5 is allowed only accompanied by a parent – both child and parent have to be equipped for ice skating.

What should the ice skater do?

1. We politely ask each skater to read and follow the listed regulation. Otherwise, the skater will assume the damages caused by the disregard of the regulation, with financial and/or legal consequences;
2. Access to the skating rink is permitted only with a paid ticket;
3. To rent ice skates (made available in the specially designated space) it is necessary to pay the rental fee;
4. If you have fallen on the ice, please get up as soon as possible to avoid putting yourself and the other skaters in danger.

What should the ice skater NOT do? The following are strictly forbidden:

1. Entering the skating rink without skates. ;
2. Inadequate behaviour that could put other people’s safety in danger: aggressive skating, pushing, tripping, bringing other objects on the rink (hockey pucks, trash), throwing snowballs or any other objects at the skaters, entering the rink drunk, bringing weapons, knives, fireworks, pepper spray and any other such objects;
3. Insulting the other skaters through obscene/ violent/ offensive language and inadequate gestures;
4. Behaviour that damages the ice and the skates such as: eating or drinking, throwing trash, using the skates outside the skating rink, smoking and leaving ash on the rink;
5. Inadequate behaviour towards the personnel (being rude while receiving indications, violent/ obscene/ offensive language and gestures, physical violence, not paying the ticket and/ or the rental fee);
6. Damaging the rink by: destroying the attached advertising material, breaking the ice on purpose, and so on;
7. Skating against the direction imposed when entering the rink (here, you can only skate clockwise, the direction can ONLY be changed by the authorised personnel, as an exception in case of a major event);
8. Exceeding the 2 hours use deadline of the rented skates from the moment of payment;
9. Exceeding the 2 hours skating deadline from the moment of payment.

What should the ice skating rink administration do? The personnel has the following obligations:

1. Ensures the necessary conditions for a safe environment: maintenance of the ice, restoration of the ice through specialized machinery, maintenance of cleanliness of the surface of the ice, without objects or trash that could put other people’s safety in danger;
2. Displays the public rules and regulations of the skating rink and its functioning hours;
3. Supervises the activities conducted on the premises;
4. Respects the permitted maximum number of people on the premises, both on the skating rink and on its’ edge (companions, friends, family, etc.);

What else is important to note?

We ask of each skater to fully take into account the risks of ice skating. The personnel is not responsible for any eventual injuries that might happen;
As the rink is not covered, the quality of the ice depends on the weather conditions. Therefore, the personnel reserves the right to modify the skating rink’s schedule;
Failure to comply with the rules and regulations will end in the evacuation of the customer, both from the ice and from the premises without a refund and subsequently, the ban of the access from the complex for an undetermined period. Likewise, such situations can end up in the law court, depending on the case.