Christmas Game

Adventurers of all ages and sizes, pay attention!

We have a really playful mission for you: to uncover the mysteries of the Christmas Fair!

  1. Clue number 1 The point where you can get you mission slip is the Chitibusuri Little House. Where is the Chitibusuri Little House? Well, I guess that the mission has already begun.
  2. Clue number 2 All, and we mean each and every riddle on the slip must be answered. Where do you find your answers? Well, in the Fair.
  3. Clue number 3 The challenges on the slip must also be completed. Don’t imagine we don’t see you, we have elves with their eyes and ears wide open all over the Fair.

Finished, done, finito the mission? Great job! Congrats!
Take the mission slip back to Chițibusuri (don’t forget to fill in your details on the back side of the slip) and put in in the urn, and on Christmas, you might win a holiday at Disneyland for the whole family from Nivea, a vacation on the seaside at Mera Resort, a city break at Turist Șuior, shopping vouchers from Iulius Mall, wine bottles from Murfatlar, hot chocolate and tea from Xperience Caffe, sweets and vouchers from Bianco Milano.

Have fun investigating!

The treasure hunt is offered by Nivea

The regulation for this activity can be found here , at the Chitibusuri Little House and on our Facebook page, at the Notes section.