Elves Cross

What is a SPEEDiruș ?

A SPEEDiruș is an elf that moves with a speed of at least 50% higher than the official cruising speed accepted in the Christmas Fair, that of 5 kmph.

All SPEEDirușes are expected to the Cross, so as to gather some more good deeds before Christmas!

On the 21st of December, we’ll have to run cheerfully on a route of 1,5 kilometers in the Central Park of Cluj.

Runners competing in the individual trial will run the route 2 times.

We have a surprise for you : this year, you can compete together with your mini SPEEDirușes in a specially created race!
Families run the route just once.

The recommended outfits are those of Santa or elf, but we also welcome the reindeer, the moose, the gift boxes, the Christmas decorations or Christmas trees that want to run in the cross. Those wearing light installations will receive a plus of appreciation!

The runner’s kit implies a donation of 50 lei, and the funds gathered after the event from all the entrance fees and sponsorships will go to Beard Brothers, for their beard mobile and social ambulance. The beard mobile is the first social project of its kind in Romania and its purpose is to offer a transportation means suitable for their needs to people with disabilities. The social ambulance is a vehicle equipped to offer medical services, social assistance and legal advisory to the people living in isolated rural zones or communities with high risk of marginalization.


21 st of December, at the Casino in the Central Park, between 15:00 - 17:30 DISTRIBUTION OF KITS AND ADDITIONAL SIGN-UPS, IN THE LIMIT OF AVAILABLE PLACES

You can find more details about the event, registration and regulation here .

The event is organized by The Cluj Napoca Christmas Fair , together with Runners Club and The City Hall and Local Council of Cluj-Napoca , with the support of Visit Cluj and Coca-Cola.