Starting this year, we have decided that every year we will help a family whose housing conditions are as bad as one can even imagine. We want to help them get support for renovating or improving their living conditions.

Right from the stage of the design of this year’s Christmas Fair in Cluj, we included a social responsibility initiative on our agenda. And because this year the Fair is about  a huge family and about  “Home”, seen as the place of the big family gathering, it has been very easy for us to decide which areas we would like to get involved in. “As a natural continuation of our vision, we’ve approached the non-profit association Habitat for Humanity in Cluj and we’ve found out that it has changed its name to “Home” Association right this year, which we see as a sure sign that we’re  on the right track ” – says Alexandra Craciun, the representative of the Christmas Fair.

One RON from every single purchase you make at the Christmas Fair will be automatically allocated to improving the Lorincz’s housing conditions.

So, the Huge Christmas Family and the Home Association team will jointly collect  funds during the event organized in the Union Square in Cluj, for the benefit of the Lorincz family: 12 people  of 4 different generations are forced to live in a 20-square meter room. The whole family is lives from hand to mouth on grandmother’s pension and the low income of the mother, who is an employee of a state enterprise in Cluj-Napoca. Their income is barely enough to allow the family to improve their housing  conditions, despite the efforts made by the elder members of the family. Now that winter is just around the corner, the Lorincz’s dilapidated house is about to collapse, putting the entire family at even higher risks.

The people in Cluj, who are willing to help the Lorincz family are invited to come to the Union Square: from the price you pay for any item you buy at the Christmas Fair, one RON will be allocated to the Lorincz support project. In addition, the Home Association will build a demo mini-house, to show the entire community that there are solutions that can help the less fortunate and will invite community members to get involved in helping every poor family to have a decent home. All the funds raised during the event will be used primarily to provide an emergency solution for the Lorincz family, designed to protect the family manage through the upcoming winter, following that, later on  the Association should seek for permanent decent housing solutions for this family.

More details about the Lorincz family (photos, videos) and this social responsibility  campaign are available at www.familiondecraciun.ro/acasa.  Donations can be made in the bank account of the Home Association,  IBAN RO82 BTRL 0130 1205 9825 76XX, opened at Banca Transilvania Cluj, specifying “donatie Familion 2017” under the section Destination.

The PRIMA DATĂ ACASĂ Association is a non-profit organization founded in Cluj-Napoca in 1999, which, until 2017, has operated by the  name Habitat pentru Umanitate Cluj (Habitat for Humanity Cluj)j. During the year 2017, local volunteers chose to continue the mission with their own forces and with the support of the local community, based on  the 18 years of experience in helping low-income working families to reach Home for the first time.


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